Utilizing the MicroMIG™ Proprietary Process

MicroMIG™ is a pulsed-arc micro-weld process that deposits a solid filler material on a metallic base material which results in a fused metallurgically bonded weld without distortions or observable HAZ (heat affected zone).

Like other modern welding processes, there are three components: power supply, controls, and welding torch or gun. Inert gas fed through the gun's gas cup keeps the welds shielded from the contaminating atmosphere and the filler material is fed through the torch allowing the manual version of our process to be a one-handed operation. MicroMIG™produces its excellent results through true metallurgical fusion of a weld filler material and the parent base material.
MicroMIG™produces microscopic conventional welds. Multiple passes are required to provide desired thickness, because each of the weld passes is measured in thousandths, not sixteenths of an inch.

When you scale down the homogenous weld layer thickness, you also scale down the heat affected zone (HAZ). If our weld beads are measured in thousandths, then the HAZ is measured in millionths of an inch. This is how we weld on "unweldable" alloys with complete success, because the HAZ is so small. Welds this small result in welds that require a much longer time to produce a finished product.

For this reason, applications must be chosen carefully because what could be done in ten minutes with a TIG torch may require several hours withMicroMIG™. There is such a low total heat input that the bulk base metal remains near ambient temperature; because of this the heat has time to dissipate.

The end result is no distortion of parts from our welding process. Therefore, although some parts are made of very easily welded metals, those machine finished to tight tolerances we repair withMicroMIG™because a conventional welding process like TIG would distort them out of tolerance.

MicroMIG™welds melt only the surface of a part, allowing us to weld different fillers metals on different base metals.

We can weld a nickel or cobalt matrix mixed with a variety of different carbides on almost any metal surface for excellent wear resistance. We can weld nickel alloys or stainless steels on mild steels for corrosion resistance. We can weld easy to braze metals (or even braze alloys themselves) on the surface of very hard to braze materials, thus almost guaranteeing perfect braze assemblies on tough brazing applications.

MicroMIG™ is unique because of the

1) Thewire diameters we use

2)Theway we pulse

3) The way we control the currents plus voltages.

Our process is proprietary in the sense that we do not sell equipment. We offer our MicroMIG™ welding process to customers by offering welding services. We use our process to repair and help fabricate parts for customers every day. We strive to have very short turn-around times and our weld quality is excellent.

Metal, metallurgically bonded by the MicroMIG™ welding process, will not chip or spall off like competing processes which depend on mechanical and secondary bonding. Applications include restoration of part dimensions due to casting defects and machining errors, also creating thermal or corrosion barriers, improving wear resistance, and solving brazing problems .

The result is a fused metallurgical bonded weld deposit with no observable HAZ or distortion of the base material and shares some of the attributes of many arc welding processes. A power supply furnishes electrical energy to a special welding torch. A pulsed arc raises the temperature of the filler metal to liquidus temperature and welds it to the base material.

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