Who We Are

Founded in 1988, MicroWeld Engineering, Inc is a privately held business located in Worthington, Ohio.

Our primary customers are aerospace suppliers and jet engine manufacturers. We have a full aerospace certified Business Management System. The impeccable quality we hold ourselves to is the life blood of our company.

In the late 1980's, a few engineers recognized a need in the welding community that was not being addressed.

This need was for an economical, quality cutting tool for manufacturing airplanes.

These engineers, formed a company, and developed a computerized welding system, procedures, and tooling for turning cheap cutters into great cutters by utilizing computer automation to weld superior material on the edges of large cutting blades. These cutters outlasted and out cut the brand new expensive cutters. This is how our company began its life.

As our customers were, primarily, aerospace manufacturers, we saw the need for a welding process that could weld alloys considered “unweldable”.

These alloys, used in the hottest sections of today's jet engines, crack after welding with conventional welding processes including high tech LASER or Electron Beam welders.

By 1990, we had developed a prototype welding process we named MicroMIG™.

Since then, MicroMIG™-repaired turbine engine components have been flying in military and commercial engines all over the world.

We have consistently made improvements to our MicroMIG™ process increasing weldability by developing methods and tools for welding in very difficult places on complicated parts andthere are no areas on most gas turbine engine vane rings or other very complex components that we cannot weld because of accessibility constraints.

Today, continued innovation through independent and collaborative studies aid in better serving the needs of customers in a rapidly changing industry.

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