Utilizing the MicroMIG™ Proprietary Process

Our Quality:

In the aerospace industry, quality is of the utmost importance.

A new casting with defect(s) will not be used unless it can be restored to as new conditions. Ni-based super alloys used in the hottest areas of the engine are considered “unweldable,” due to liquation, melting of the grain boundaries, porosity or micro-cracks in the HAZ. MicroMIG™ welds show no observable HAZ or micro-cracks.

The MicroMIG™ process is a fully bonded fusion weld that we use to help customers push the limits of their casting abilities by repairing design flaws, restoration of part dimensions from machining errors or casting imperfections, and solving brazing problems.

This process excels at welding the “unweldable” materials, joining dissimilar metals, and wear resistance.

Our Clients:

In the past our work has been utilized by both government and private entities for projects ranging from prototype weld repairs on engine components to process optimization in production. Currently, our customers are some of the top aerospace engine manufacturers in the world.

The MicroMIG™ process service enables customers to utilize new casting that would otherwise be scrap by returning them to like new condition, resulting in reduced energy cost, pollution, and time investment.

Our work impacts our customers and the environment. Curbing environmental impact is a concern of any manufacturer and this is just one of the ways we are able to help. We all play a part in stewarding the earth entrusted to us.

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